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We are often asked if our flour is from GMO Wheat

So far, there is no commercially grown GM wheat harvested anywhere in the world. Wheat has been hybridized ( modified naturally ) for decades but not genetically modified.

In 2004, Monsanto withdrew it’s requests for government approval of its herbicide tolerant GM wheat in Canada and the US because of widespread farmer and consumer protest in both countries and around the world so as yet, there is no GMO wheat grown in the world.

However , Monsanto re-launched research into GM wheat in 2009 and the biotechnology industry is now engaged in a new public relations campaign to try and create a climate favourable to the introduction of GM wheat.  Monsanto’s new plans for GM wheat are, however, meeting the same strong objections that defeated the company’s product in 2004. The biotech industry is now focusing its efforts in Australia..

The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network will continue to monitor and campaign on this issue. In early 2010, CBAN coordinated an effort that resulted in 233 groups from 26 countries, restating their objection to GM wheat.

So there you have it folks…

 The Arva Flour Mill does not use Genetically Modified ( GM ) wheat for the production of our flour. Our grain is all sourced locally from the farms in our area. We have: "THE BEST FLOUR BY A DAM SITE !"